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A list of selected works with links to purchase perusal copies.

Selected Works



Alleluia, 2006 (Revised 2008) (SATBB, SSAAA, TTBB) Duration: 2’30"
Commissioned by the Schola Pacis of Nashville;  Winner 2011 IV Open All-Russian Composer Competition; Available through See-A-Dot Music Publishing

i carry your heart, 2009 (SATB)

Duration: 3'30" Runner-up 2010 SACRA/PROFANA Choral Composition Contest; Available through MusicSpoke. 

I Sang for Joy, 2010 (SSAA) Duration: 3'
Premiered by Namaste Women's Choir on June 11, 2011; Winner 2011 Joe Shepley Choral Competition; Winner 2011 All-Russian Composer Competition Choir Laboratory, Music for Children and Youth;  Available through Kandinsky Music.  

Flying, 2010 (SSAA, oboe, violin, cello)

Duration: 4' Commissioned by Cantilena, Millersville University under the direction of Dr. Mark A. Boyle. Available through Kandinsky Music

Ring Out, Wild Bells (SATB), 2012  Duration: 2'50" Premiered by Michael Kerschner

and the the Young New Yorkers Chorus.

Leave My Heart Its Songs (SATB), 2014

Duration: 4' Winner of the Bronze Medal, Cro Patria 2014. Premiered by the Mohorjan Academic Choir of Carinthia, Split, Croatia

Song of the Shepherd (SATB, violin), 2014

Duration: 3'30"

Winner of the 2014 ACF Welcome Christmas Contest.  Premiered by VocalEssence.

In Flanders Fields (SATB, flute, percussion), 2014 Duration: 4'

Available through See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Beside Thy Manger (SSAA), 2015

Duration: 5'

Written for Michael Kerschner and

the Women's Ensemble of the Young New Yorker's Chorus

The Snow Blossoms (SSA with harp), 2017

Duration: 3' Written for Michael Kerschner and the Young New Yorkers' Chorus Women's Ensemble 

It Sifts from Leaden Sieves (SATB), 2017

Winner of the 2017 Capital Hearings Young Composers Competition. Premiered December 10, 2017 in Washington, D.C. by the Capital Hearings. Contact composer for perusal score. 

Mindful of You (SATB), 2018

Written in memory of Daniel Thompson, Board President and choir member of the Young New Yorkers' Chorus. Performed by Michael Kerschner and the Young New Yorkers' Chorus June 2, 2018.  Contact composer for perusal score. 

Heaven-Haven (SSA), 2018

Written for Michael Kerschner in honor of his last season as Artistic Director.  ​Performed by the Young New Yorkers' Chorus Women's Ensemble. Publication coming soon with T.U.X People's Music.

To the Flowers that Spring (SSAA with divisi)

Commissioned by Alex Canovas and the Women's Ensemble of the Young New Yorkers' Chorus. Contact composer for perusal score. 

My God to Thee I Call (SATB)

Commissioned by Mark A. Boyle and the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. ​ Contact composer for perusal score. 

Root ye the living tree (SATB, SSAA, soprano solo, clarinet, cello, and piano), 2019 Duration: 20' Commissioned by Roane Choral Society of Tennessee in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage.  Premiered with a grant by the TN Arts Commission.  Contact composer for perusal score. 

For Xana, on the Stilwell F Train, 10:25pm

(SATB with divisi, piano), 2020

Text by Zoë Sonnenberg

Duration: 4'  Commissioned by Alex Canovas and the Young New Yorkers' Chorus Mixed Ensemble.  Premiere March 2020.

Anxiety, (TTBB), 2020

Text by D.H. Lawrence

Commissioned and premiered by Constellation Men’s Ensemble in Chicago, IL as part of their NOVA New Music Series, May 2020. 

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need

(SATB), 2023

Text by Isaac Watts

Duration: 2:45

Premiere at St. Giles Cripplegate Church, 2023 London Festival of Contemporary Church Music. 

The Kings They Came (SSAATTB), 2023

Text by Sara Teasdale

Duration: 3'

Premiere TBA. 


Spoon River, 2006-2008
(chamber orchestra/baritone/tenor/

Duration: 30’
Selections premiered by soprano Sabrina Laney Warren and the Oak Ridge Symphony on April 26, 2013. 

At no time was any of this untrue, 2012 (rev. 2013) (string quartet) Duration: 25'

1.  Planted 12 Jack-in-the-Pulpits

2.  After that read most of a novel

3.  Later that evening there was a storm

4.  That night the clouds were really bright

Six Haiku Preludes, (string quartet), 2015

Duration: 15' Sky Darkening Early from this set was included on a reading session with the JACK Quartet on December 9th, 2019 at Metropolis Ensemble. 

Yangtze River Songs, (Medium voice, flute), 2016 Duration: 8'

1. Companions

2. Tears

3. Night Thoughts

4. In Absence

5. Clearing at Dawn

Premiered at the Tennessee Women Composers Concert, April 15, 2019, Beethoven Club, Memphis, TN sponsored in part by a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission
Sabrina Laney Warren, soprano • Kelly Herrmann, flute

Root ye the living tree, 2019

(soprano, piano, cello, clarinet)

1. I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day

2. A Blooming Yellow Rose

3. When I Rise Up

Can be excerpted from the larger choral work. 

Light Considered (clarinet, piano) 2021

1.  When all other lights go out

2. A light in dark places

3. Ex nihilo

Duration: 12:45'

The Light that is felt, (clarinet, piano, cello) 2021  Duration: 5:30

On the rim of thin places (trombone, clarinet)

2023 Duration: 15:20 

Written for Duo Atypique 

1. Prelude 

2. Hiraeth 

3. Dépaysement 

4. тоска 


Premiere TBA


Unbelievable, musical (in progress)

Book: John DeVore

Lyrics: Kevin Fogarty

Direction: Sam Scalamoni


A Thousand Faces, musical (in progress)

Book: Eric Lane

Lyrics: Kevin Fogarty

Concept: Sam Scalamoni and Ron Chaney, Jr. 


The Necklace, 2015

Chamber opera

(Soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, piano)

Libretto: Danny Rocco

Persuasion (in progress)
Libretto: Douglas Murray


To My Dear and Loving Husband, 2004 (high voice, piano) Duration: 2'41"

Text by Anne Bradstreet

Available in Dramatic Songs in an Intimate Setting, Three Songs for High Voice and Piano on Amazon.

Mindful of You, 2008 (medium voice, piano, oboe), Duration:2’24"

Text by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Written for Lindsey Rueter

I carry your heart, 2009 (soprano, piano)

Duration: 2’47" Text by e.e. cummings

Commissioned by Sabrina Laney Warren

To See a World, 2010 (mezzo-soprano, piano, clarinet, flute) Duration: 2'18"

Text by William Blake
Commissioned by Sarah Michelle Martin

Selected for 2011 IAWM Congress; 2010 Fresno New Music Festival

Recorded on From the Diamond Grid by Conundrum, Albany Records

Elegy (voice, piano, clarinet), 2010, rev. 2017

Text by Walt Whitman

1. Lilacs

2. Dooryard

3. Thrush

Written for Alexandra Engle.

I Would Live in Your Love (high voice, piano), 2012 Duration: 3' Written for Kay Nicholson

Text by Sarah Teasdale

Available in Dramatic Songs in an Intimate Setting, Three Songs for High Voice and Piano on Amazon.


The face of all the world has changed (high voice, piano), 2013

Text by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Available in Dramatic Songs in an Intimate Setting, Three Songs for High Voice and Piano on Amazon.

As the rain hides the stars, 2014 (soprano, guitar) Duration: 5' Written for Duo Sympatico


Sehnsucht Songs, 2014 (Voice, piano) Dur. 6"

1.  From a Car-Window

2.  Red May

3.  The Taxi 

Featured on the 2015 NYC Fresh Squeezed Opera Showcase. Available on Amazon. 

Say Little Things, 2016 (High voice, Piano)

Text by Amy Lowell

1.  Prime

2.  Dreams

3.  Aftermath

Sea Poppies, 2016 (voice, piano)

Text by H.D.

Performed by Sara Crigger and Aurelien Eulert

Space to be Lonely (high voice, piano) 2017

1. Extinguish My Eyes

2. Home Again

3.  Evening

4.  Loss

Commissioned by the NYC Center for Faith & Work.  Available on Amazon. 

In August (voice, piano) 2017

Text by Babette Deutsch

Stories I Heard Yesterday (voice, piano) 2018

Text by Hilda Conkling

1. But I cannot forget

2. The Little Stream

3. A river in her heart

4. The words of their loveliness

5. Golden Wave

Performed by Sara Crigger and Aurelien Eulert

Manhattan:  The Unpeopled City and Crowds

2017 (For Mezzo-Soprano, Harp, and Flute with animated illustrations by Laura Boren)

Text by Evelyn Scott (1893-1963)

1. From Brooklyn

2. Startled Forests

3. Snow Dance

4. Lights at Night

5. Crowds

Written for the Seen/Heard Trio

On Crescent Street at 38th Avenue (soprano, piano, horn, violin) 2019

1. A Piece of Quiet

2. Small

Commissioned by the Astoria Music Project.  


Emptied of the known you, 2019

(voice, piano) 

1. Altitude

2. Interim

3. Wild Duck 

Written for Elisa Nikkoloulias.  Altitude winner of the NYC Sparks and Wiry Cries SongSlam. 

From the Woolworth Tower, 2021

(soprano, piano) 

1. Out of the night we came

2.  Over the edge of eternity

3. The tower will be laid on the earth

4. Love has crowned us

Duration: 20'

Commissioned by Sparks and Wiry Cries. 

Untangled Threads, 2023

(three sopranos, mezzo-soprano, piano)

I. Writing a Memoir

II. Dearest Little Sister

III. Alaska

IV. Along for the Ride

V. To love

Duration: 18'

Text by Kevin Fogarty

inspired by the stories, poetry and prose written by Joan Vos

Commissioned by SALT (Sylvia Stoner-Hawkins, Sharon O’Connell Campbell,
Anne Jennifer Nash, Suna Gunther, Young Kim). 
Premiere March 2024. 


Kandinsky Music

See-A-Dot Music Publishing


Colla Voce

T.U.X. People's Music

Sparrow & Birch Press

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